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Wingeo chemise de la reine

 This pattern wasn't bad... just incomplete instructions... no advice on seam treatments... and the cuff pattern was short about an inch... I had to redraw it. Also the facing?? casing?? was odd, so I used a piece of twill tape, cut down to 1/4 of an inch. I think I might make a drawstring casing at the waist also. The hem needs to be done yet. I'll mark it and do it up tomorrow.

This dress is to be a remake of this portrait:

I need to figure out the sash...I really like the lovely bow / fabric flower at c.f... I'd like to duplicate that.... and I have a pattern for the organdy cap she has on, that's next on my list. other than the hem, this project is finished. 

Here are some pictures of my remake... 

Wingeo chemise de la reine.


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