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So a few weekends ago I finally got off my lazy bum and started working on my dress. I was terrified it was going to look horrendous and my friend and I kept cracking up at the great big bundle of fabric that was supposed to turn into a dress. So far, however, it's looking very nice! Right now everything is sewn together and gathered and the sash is done as well. All that's left is to make the shoulder straps and the sleeves and hem the bottom! :D But, the problem I'm running into is that the muslin is so sheer that the top is very..er.. immodest. I'm wearing a petticoat underneath already, but I don't have any sort of chemise. I was debating just wearing maybe a white spaghetti strap underneath, but I'm worried that the straps on the shirt will be visible and I'm worried that if I make the straps on the dress too wide in order to hide this it will look wonky. :/ Any advice?

With a little bit of luck, the dress will be finished tonight so that I can wear it dancing tomorrow! And, assuming it holds up to the test run tomorrow, I'll be wearing it to Gaskells this weekend. Anyone else planning on going? ^_^

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