maidm (maidm) wrote in chemisedresses,

My chemise dress

I needed I quick and pretty costume for the Friday night ball at Polaris 22 in Toronto, so I decided to jump on the band-wagon and make a chemise dress. Yay!

Here's my first try-on. I love how you have to mostly finish the chemise dress before you can try it on. Here it's worn over my pink linen stays and petticoat. I liked the look of the pink peeking through so much I decided to keep it like that rather than make a white petticoat.

A mirror shot of the completed dress. I used three panels of 56" wide cotton voile. The sash is blue/white shot silk. I'm wearing it over a sleeveless cotton slip, my pink linen stays, and my pink petticoat.

The wig is actually a man's eighteenth century wig. I didn't like any of the women's ones, so I bought this one, took out the pins holding the curls in place, and fluffed the whole thin up a bit. I added a pink bow and voila! Big ol' hair.

My friend Emma and I on our way to the ball. I ended up adding a ruffle to the bottom to make it a little fluffier. I also cut the ruffle on the selvage, so I didn't have to hem it!

Aren't we pretty! :-P

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