January 30th, 2009

chapeau au grand pouf

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I just realized (when clicking through my photobucket for a presentation) that I havent posted any pictures of the reworked gown. Not that the changes are very visible... And I think I might alter the sleeves into long and fitting ones. I am still not used to those puffy sleeves.

As I strongly believe into "accessories make the outfit", my hat received a new ribbon-decoration, the same ribbon I used for the new sash.
Those pictures were shot at my place, just for make-up & hat. The small red ribbon around my neck is the hanging of a very small pocket-watch, I'd like to keep time when on an outing. (it's pinned to the neckline)
The hair is my own one, just pinned further up at the neck, and the ribbon isn't visible due to the hat.
The inspiration for this quick and easy style was taken from this bust, at the Musée du Louvre (altough the bust date 1789, see the plate on picture 3)

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And a close shot to the reprodution lace I bought about 2 years ago from mme_du_jard

The following pictures were taken at the beautiful parc of Schloss Schwetzingen (near Mannheim/Germany)
The beauty in the blue chemise is mme_du_jard 

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I must say, I don't feel at ease yet with the sleeves, I might really change them into long and fitting one. And maybe even get a fitted back...As I do feel rather huge and bulky when wearing it.

And yes - the umbrella isn't period, but you know, if one carries an umbrella, it surely won't rain, so I had the umbrella of the groupe.