January 16th, 2009

trying to be good

Wingeo chemise de la reine... all done! :)

**I  x-posted this in my personal journal, chemisedresses, and in panniers...**

I had my son take pictures of me! Some of them turned out very lovely... he's a little artist at heart... he was telling me that he wants to be a photographer for his career... I hope he sticks to that.

I really enjoyed this project!  It was quick and easy. Although, the pattern was not stellar... the result was good. I don't have tons of experience with this type of dress, but I did enjoy making it.

My hair-do is an attempt at a Hedgehog... I have crazy frizzy, super curly hair... and so what you see is my hair without me "doing it".

Here are several of the finished pictures... They are kinda big... and multiple in number. (I got excited!)

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