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I just realized (when clicking through my photobucket for a presentation) that I havent posted any pictures of the reworked gown. Not that the changes are very visible... And I think I might alter the sleeves into long and fitting ones. I am still not used to those puffy sleeves.

As I strongly believe into "accessories make the outfit", my hat received a new ribbon-decoration, the same ribbon I used for the new sash.
Those pictures were shot at my place, just for make-up & hat. The small red ribbon around my neck is the hanging of a very small pocket-watch, I'd like to keep time when on an outing. (it's pinned to the neckline)
The hair is my own one, just pinned further up at the neck, and the ribbon isn't visible due to the hat.
The inspiration for this quick and easy style was taken from this bust, at the Musée du Louvre (altough the bust date 1789, see the plate on picture 3)

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And a close shot to the reprodution lace I bought about 2 years ago from mme_du_jard

The following pictures were taken at the beautiful parc of Schloss Schwetzingen (near Mannheim/Germany)
The beauty in the blue chemise is mme_du_jard 

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I must say, I don't feel at ease yet with the sleeves, I might really change them into long and fitting one. And maybe even get a fitted back...As I do feel rather huge and bulky when wearing it.

And yes - the umbrella isn't period, but you know, if one carries an umbrella, it surely won't rain, so I had the umbrella of the groupe.

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Wingeo chemise de la reine... all done! :)

**I  x-posted this in my personal journal, chemisedresses, and in panniers...**

I had my son take pictures of me! Some of them turned out very lovely... he's a little artist at heart... he was telling me that he wants to be a photographer for his career... I hope he sticks to that.

I really enjoyed this project!  It was quick and easy. Although, the pattern was not stellar... the result was good. I don't have tons of experience with this type of dress, but I did enjoy making it.

My hair-do is an attempt at a Hedgehog... I have crazy frizzy, super curly hair... and so what you see is my hair without me "doing it".

Here are several of the finished pictures... They are kinda big... and multiple in number. (I got excited!)

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trying to be good

Wingeo chemise de la reine

 This pattern wasn't bad... just incomplete instructions... no advice on seam treatments... and the cuff pattern was short about an inch... I had to redraw it. Also the facing?? casing?? was odd, so I used a piece of twill tape, cut down to 1/4 of an inch. I think I might make a drawstring casing at the waist also. The hem needs to be done yet. I'll mark it and do it up tomorrow.

This dress is to be a remake of this portrait:

I need to figure out the sash...I really like the lovely bow / fabric flower at c.f... I'd like to duplicate that.... and I have a pattern for the organdy cap she has on, that's next on my list. other than the hem, this project is finished. 

Here are some pictures of my remake... 

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So a few weekends ago I finally got off my lazy bum and started working on my dress. I was terrified it was going to look horrendous and my friend and I kept cracking up at the great big bundle of fabric that was supposed to turn into a dress. So far, however, it's looking very nice! Right now everything is sewn together and gathered and the sash is done as well. All that's left is to make the shoulder straps and the sleeves and hem the bottom! :D But, the problem I'm running into is that the muslin is so sheer that the top is immodest. I'm wearing a petticoat underneath already, but I don't have any sort of chemise. I was debating just wearing maybe a white spaghetti strap underneath, but I'm worried that the straps on the shirt will be visible and I'm worried that if I make the straps on the dress too wide in order to hide this it will look wonky. :/ Any advice?

With a little bit of luck, the dress will be finished tonight so that I can wear it dancing tomorrow! And, assuming it holds up to the test run tomorrow, I'll be wearing it to Gaskells this weekend. Anyone else planning on going? ^_^
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My Chemise a La Reine

I finally succumbed to the 18th century muse that screamed for me to make a Chemise a la Reine.  That sounds a lot better than "I've wanted one since I saw Marie Antoinette, like many of my costuming friends."  I'm not yet able to draft my own patterns, so I used the Reconstructing History Pattern.  The pattern was so-so but it did create a nice end product.  The DL designs hat pattern was fantastic!  You can read more about the dress and it's construction at my blog.  I wore my chemise to Williamsburg's annual Redcoats weekend.

Chemise progress

I visited carinarosen s shop yesterday and bought 6 metres of light-peach coloured batiste (with 150 cm width) for my chemise. I´ve now cut out three panels ( 170 cm long) and sewed them together with french seams to a big "tube". I´ll decided to not have any opening in the front, I just put the dress over my head.


Hemming advice??

Ladies, I need your advice to hem allll that fabric at the bottom. Before I make the ugliest hem in the world and ruin the drape and look of the gown, can you tell me what you did? I don't mind about "authenticity" (read: I'll use a serger and be thrilled), so tell me what's best for this gown.

Serge and fold up once?

Double fold hem?

Rolled hem on serger?

Thank you for your advice. I have to finish this baby today.

[EDIT] I ended up practicing on scrap fabric to see what I liked best. Why didn't I think of that earlier? LOL! Anyway, I ended up going with a 3-thread overlock narrow hem on my serger. The rolled hem was a teeny puckery with this fabric.
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